Creating cohesive, beautiful homes and home offices is the goal when it comes to interior design. The choice to do the entire home, home office, groups of rooms, or solitary room is with you. While projects may be phased into a room at a time or a group of rooms, our Interior Design process will help you realise your vision.


Full Service Interior Design

Our signature offering. We look after the design, renovation and furnishing of your home to create something better than you could ever imagine, that is true to you and how you want to live. And you’ll barely need to lift a finger.

What we provide:
– A 2-hr consult at your home to refine the style, scope, timeline and budget of your project
– A second meeting to present the fee proposal and style direction
– Access to Yamini for the duration of your project as your personal design advisor and project consultant Design, selection & sourcing and management of your project from start to finish
– Coordination of all trades and services, including working on your behalf during the on-site works, and problem-solving any issues for you
– Final furniture installation and ‘reveal’ of your finished home Peace of mind and confidence that your home will be beautiful, functional and feel like “you” – elevated

How it works
1. Getting to know you: At the Design Consultation we spend 2hrs getting to know each other and the project requirements. If we’re a good fit, we meet again to present a fee proposal and concept boards to align with your vision.
2. Project Launch: Once we’ve decided to work together, the project begins! We get our ‘A Team’ of trades involved to introduce them to the project and get to work on creating an overall look and feel for your ‘new’ home.
3. Design: We work on all the elements of your project which involved structural works – the kitchen, bathrooms, floor planning and joinery. We have a meeting to present the design and costs.
4. Decoration: In this second phase of design work, we source and select all the furniture and soft furnishings. We have another meeting to present the design and costs.
5. Implementation: Where it all starts to take shape! Orders are placed, renovation works begin and we arrange an ‘install day’ for all the furniture, artwork and accessories.
6. Wrap-up: We take care of any little issues, defects and damage, and end the project with all elements fully completed.

Consult: $1,100 then a custom fee based on your requirements

 NOTE: $550 is credited to the project fee should you decide to engage us

One-Off Design Consultation

If you’re ready to renovate or decorate yourself but don’t know where to start, this session will give you a head start with actionable, personalised advice from Yamini.

What we provide:
– A 2-hr meeting at your home with Yamini Ask as many questions as you need to feel clear and confident in your design project
– Detailed discussion of your ideas and the roadblocks you’ve experienced
– Plenty of new ideas, specific advice on any problem areas and honest opinions
– Suggested suppliers and guidance on where to shop;
– An action-plan with notes and suggestions allowing you to move forward confidently on your own

How it works
1. Initial Phone Call: Once you’ve made contact with our team, we’ll get on the phone for a 15-20min phone call to hone in on what you’re after, and if this service is suited to you.
2. Questionnaire & Payment: We’ll send through a questionnaire to get a better understanding of your home and your ideas so far, so we can make the best use of our time together in the meeting. Payment is made.
3. Meeting: Get ready! We meet at your house for 1.5-2hrs for the consultation itself.
4. Action Plan: You’ll receive an action plan with next steps, all the recommendations we discussed and suppliers within a couple of days after the meeting.
5. Questions: You can email or call us once after we send through the notes to clarify anything or ask further questions.
6. Implement: Get going on all the recommended actions, and send us any photos of your progress!

$990 (incl. GST) 


Full Room Makeover

Designed to give you everything you need to execute a custom-designed room on your own, with professional interior design advice, all done virtually.

What we provide
A Zoom / FaceTime /phone call consultation to hone in on what you’re after, and what the project requires Once we’ve got your brief, you receive a personalised design package including:
– Moodboard and inspiration images
– Floor plan
– A key elevation drawing
– Images of each item we select for you
– Customised shopping list
– Styling tips (e.g. suggestions on art placement, how to style your bed etc.)

 How it works
1. Initial Phone Call: Once you’ve made contact with our team, we’ll get on the phone for a 15-20min phone call to hone in on what you’re after, and if this service is suited to you.
2. Quote: Based on the rooms you need help, we’ll calculate a fee and send through a quote. Payment is made and the project begins from here.
3. Welcome Pack: The key to a successful virtual design project is the information we receive from you. In this step, we email you a detailed questionnaire and instructions on how to measure and photograph your rooms. You can also send us any inspiration images in this step.
4. Design Package: With the information you send us in hand, we get to work on your design package! You’ll have it within 4-6 weeks.
5. Questions & Revisions: You can contact us if you’ve got any questions on the design, or want to change out any items (one round of revisions is included). We want to make sure you’re satisfied and clear on everything we provide.
6. Implement: Get going on all the recommended actions, and send us any photos of your progress!

Each Full Room Makeover is priced individually, to suit the scope and requirements of your home. A tailored fee proposal will be put together following an initial consultation. 

60min Design Direction Consultation

In this super-focused video session, you’ll get objective advice and expertise for your home. You’ll come out with plenty of new ideas and resources to move forward with..

 What we provide
A 60min video session to provide you with some quick wins, clear advice and new ideas for your home

 How it works
1. Book a time: Book a consult via the link below. You’ll be asked a few questions to help us get the most out of our time together. Payment is also made online via this link.
2. Consultation: We meet via Zoom/Google Meet for our consultation together. Come prepared with any questions and ideas.
 3. Implement: Get going on all the recommended actions!

$295 (incl. GST)


Buying a new home or renovating can be stressful with so many hoops to jump through. And worst part if you don’t get the end result you have been looking for.
We can help you with very basic service of colour and material selection to full interior design